Is it time for you to get a transmission check-up on your vehicle?

Bring your vehicle by Top Quality Transmission today!

Is your car having trouble shifting gears or making a grinding noise every time it does?
Let Top Quality Transmission give your car's transmission a check-up, or better yet, come see us for regular maintenance to prevent those noises and leaks on your vehicle.

Whatever your car's transmission needs are, we can help.

Spotting Problems Before They Get Worse
  • Trouble changing gears

    imageBe sensitive to new noises, vibrations and shift behavior.
    A modern transmission should shift smoothly and quietly under light acceleration. Heavier acceleration should produce firmer shifts at higher speeds.

  • Noise when shifting

    image Whining noises coming from the floorboard are also a cause for concern. If caught early, many problems can be resolved without costly transmission overhauls. Bring it by and let one of our professionals check it for you.

  • Reddish Fluid Leak

    imageWatch for leaks or stains under the car. If there is a persistent red oil leak that you are sure is coming from your car, you should have yus check to see if it is coming from your transmission or possibly from your power steering system.

  • Engine revs during the shift

    imageCheck fluid for color and odor. Transmission fluid is a transparent red oil that looks something like cherry cough syrup. If the fluid is cloudy or muddy, or it has a burned odor, you should have it checked by Top Quality Transmission.

  • Questions and Concerns

    image All other questions and concerns if you have any should be brought to the professionals.  Not all garages are equipped or capable of properly diagnosing a transmission issue.  That is why we concentrate on only transmissions.

Top Quality Transmission
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It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Frank Cervi, founder, owner and manager of Top Quality Transmission.

Frank diligently served his community and has earned the trust and respect of all his loyal customers for over 25 years.

We thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and patience as we move forward.  Jeremy Cervi, Frank's son will continue providing the community with the same excellent service that Top Quality Transmission and Frank Cervi has accustomed you to.

Thank you.

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